Factors which are directly affects on our health

Everyone wants to keep healthy all the day but there are many factors which are directly on our health. For stay healthy we need so many things if we don’t have these things then our health is not properly maintained. Our health is mainly affect by these factors which is present in our society. As like education, lifestyle and many things are directly affects on our health. There are some of the other factors which affects on our health.

Some of the common factors are-

  • Heredity

It means that our health is not maintained properly because of heredity. An individual health is depending on the genes. Some of the common disease like sugar and disorder of our mind it comes in an individual through genes. If a person has suffered from these diseases then this may be possible their child also face this problem.

  • Environment

Environment affects on our health very strongly because it is present everywhere. If it changes then we also change ourselves according to the environment. If a person don’t get healthy environment then they don’t take care of their health properly. For maintaining their health we should improve our environment.

  • Economic status

It is also the main factors which affects on our health. It includes the education and income. These all are the most important factors which affects on our health.

There are two types of person live in our society. Some are rich and some are poor health facility are according to their status. Those persons who has high income they has high medical care but poor person have no much medical facility to take care of your health.

  • Education

If a person has completely known about that how to maintain their health then it takes care of health. They know that many of the diseases provide harm to our body then they go to doctor and take good treatment and remove their health problem. If a person doesn’t know about that all the things then they have to face so many problems.

Ending words

We conclude that there are many benefits of doing physical activity on a regular basis. Some of the benefits mentioned above you can read it and apply this in your daily and busy schedule. It is also an easiest and cheaper method for maintain your health properly.  If you start then it would be boring and we get lazy but if we going regularly then we become habitual of this.

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